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Dataflor is a company specialising in the breeding and propagation of Belgian chrysanthemum bulbs, and giving considerable attention to the unique genetic make-up of this top Belgian merchandise. Cuttings taken from these chrysanthemums are supplied to growers throughout the world, both with and without roots.

We also cultivate chrysanthemums as a finished product in order to be able to test, assess and research the varieties we distribute. In addition we conduct research into what is required to develop this product into a professional finished product. We study market trends so that we are able to give the best support to our customers.

Dataflor also has another division that is active in the cultivation and sale of strawberry plants to wholesalers and garden centres.

As a team we are always looking for the best solutions for you, our customer.

Floraliën 2016

This year once again, it is time for the Floraliën show. In the spring 2016 you will be able to discover a new and exciting festival that is held in the city of Ghent. Be amazed by this magical world of flowers and plants, fascinating gardens of inspiration and breathtaking artistic creations. This edition will […]


In 1988 a new company was founded by Karoline Tanghe and Johan David, leaving behind the company belonging to Johan’s parents, where over 25 years father Frans and mother Hilda grew vegetables and chrysanthemums.

At the new site in Beselare it was soon very clear that the two young managers had a passion for chrysanthemums. Their rich assortment of good quality plants earned the company a reliable image among its customers.

Experiments were carried out with cross-fertilisation in order to gain visibility and differentiate themselves. At the start of the new millennium their breeding and selection bore fruit. In 2005, by taking over the chrysanthemum activity from the Segers company in Roeselare it was possible to start commercialising Dataflor varieties. In doing so Dataflor was able to apply its knowledge and experience, gathered in this pioneering company in its many years of propagating young plants.