Strawberry plants

In our range you will find 20 different sorts of red strawberry, as well as some unique/special strawberries such as the: Pineberry, Framberry, Bubbleberry, Yellow Wonder and the Mount-Everest. All these strawberry plants are grown in a variety of pot shapes and sizes, going from the typical pot size to hanging pots and window boxes, …

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June bearing

Giving plenty of strawberries in a short period (3 to 4 weeks)

When to plant

Late July-mid August or end of February, March. Bears fruit in June or July depending on the variety.

  • Early variety
  • Large and firm fruit with
  • Very good taste
  • Very strong against many attentive floor sicknesses
  • Uniform, somewhat conical fruit.
  • Excellent, sweet, juicy flavour.
  • Late strawberry
  • Large fruit with excellent flavor
  • Good resistance against root diseases
  • Late strawberry
  • Large fruit with excellent flavor
  • Good resistance against root diseases
  • Earliest strawberry
  • Oblongs fruits
  • The top 3 most delicious strawberry
  • Not susceptible for diseases
  • Larg, dark red fruits
  • High productivity
  • excellent, sweet flavor
  • Successor Elsanta
  • Produces beautiful uniform fruits
  • Fruits are easy to pick
  • Good taste with strong strawberry flavor
  • High productivity
  • Solid strawberry
  • Good shelf life
  • Good taste with strong strawberry flavor
  • High productivity
  • Old and strong variety
  • Large firm fruits
  • Very good flavor


Strawberry plants producing strawberries over a long period.

When to plant:

Late July-mid August or in March, April, May. Bears fruit from July to November, depending on the variety.

These may also be planted later, but the later you plant the less you will harvest.


With continuous fruiters it is best to remove the first sets of flowers, allowing the young plant to develop sufficient leaves. Indeed a continuous fruiter has plenty of work to do producing its fruit over a long period.

Reines des vallées
  • Woodland strawberry
  • Sweet fruits
  • Fraise de bois
  • Les fruits sucrés
Sweet Ann
  • Uniform, well-shaped fruit
  • High yield
  • Glossy, red coulour
  • Very thin fruit skin
  • Good aromatic, sweet flavor
  • Must itself be grown
Sweet Eve
  • Large fruits
  • Every 14 days a new blossom erupts
  • Awarded with the ‘best tasting strawberry’
  • Sweet, good-life strawberries
  • Strong plant
  • Not susceptible for diseases
  • Juicy fruit
  • Fine pulp
  • Large soft fruit
  • Heat resistant
  • Not susceptible for diseases
  • Large firm fruits
  • Tolerates some frost
  • Harvest from june to by the end of October
  • Very well for the kitchen garden
  • Not susceptible for diseases
Mara des bois
  • One of the best tasting strawberries
  • Good yield
  • Nice even strawberry

Special varieties

These are strawberries with very unique properties, such as colour, flavour, appearance, form, … Some of these varieties can only be obtained exclusively from us.


The pineberry is a white strawberry with red seeds and one of the oldest known strawberry varieties. The pineberry comes from Chile where it grows in the wild. Thanks to intensive cross breeding a white strawberry was obtained which fulfils the high requirements. The pineberry is a female plant (does not have pollen). As a consequence it must always be planted alongside a red strawberry plant for pollination. Otherwise the plant will not produce strawberries.


The word strassberry is a combination of the words “raspberry” and “strawberry”. The strassberry is a real strawberry but it was named thus because of its smaller size and deeply positioned seeds, which give it the appearance of a raspberry. The strasberry variety is almost 100 years old. Like the pineberry the strassberry is a female plant, which must be planted alongside red strawberries to pollinate and yield fruit. Do you know that this is also the only variety to be used by professional growers.


The name of Bubbleberry™ refers to bubblegum. This strawberry has an incredibly strong fragrance and flavour. The appearance of this special strawberry variety is also different than that of the familiar red strawberry as the Bubbleberry™ is pink!

Mount Everest

A typical feature of Mount Everest are its strong, sturdy runners, which is why it is also called a climbing strawberry. The long runners flower throughout the summer so you can harvest from June to September approximately.

Yellow Wonder

The origin of the Yellow Wonder or yellow alpine strawberry is unknown. Lacking the red colour of traditional strawberries these berries turn yellow. Yellow Wonder yields a lot of fruit during the summer and autumn. Because the fruit is somewhat smaller Yellow Wonder is incredibly fragrant. The fruit deteriorates after just a few hours.